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Chris Hayzel is the sum of a family bathed in musical talent. From a young age he grew up immersed in artistic culture both socially and professionally from growing up in the studio with father Howard Hewett (Shalamar) to being on set with mother Nia Peeples (Fame). At age five he finally found his own means with which to express his passions for music and has not stopped ever since, spawning a fierce hunger to expand his musical and instrumental repertoire. Growing up in the world of entertainment and being raised on the road, Chris is the product of a diverse musical landscape, which shows in his artistic history alone. His musical career spans over various different projects, tours and even reaches its hands into the world of Film Composition. However, his biggest musical leap yet has only just begun. 
After the disbandment of his band Ellis., Chris set out to create a full band sound and feel …without a band. Armed with nothing more than a guitar, a bass, and a couple of key electronics, this musical mastermind offers an intriguing live experience and a new approach to the world of “looping”, building each song piece by piece right before the audience’s eyes. Upon experiencing his loop-infused one-man-band act spectators can expect to be whisked upon a musical journey and left with their minds blown.